Suzanne Martineau Muskoka Real Estate

In this example transaction we are assuming the usual or most common course of events. In the typical case, this is how your closing would break down financially: 

Balance due on closing: $ 203,950.02 (subject to adjustments) 

Land Transfer Tax $ 1,806.00

Registration Costs $ 142.60

My Fee $ 850.00

HST on Fee $ 110.50

My Fee for Mortgage Preparation $ 250.00

HST on Mortgage Fee $ 32.50

Title Insurance $ 278.00

Title Search $ 151.42

Disbursements – Estimated (see above) $ 200.00


Unusual problems encountered during the transaction requiring extra work may result in a fee greater that quoted above.

I request that you provide an initial retainer of $300.00 in trust, in order that I can commence my searches immediately.  This will actually save you money since there is no HST payable on disbursements paid directly from trust funds.

The total funds required for closing must be made available to me no later that the day before closing by certified cheque or bank draft, delivered by hand to my office, or sent to my office by courier.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND FUNDS BY WIRE PAYMENT OR DIRECT DEPOSIT, as the funds are sometimes not permitted to be direct deposited and are often lost or unduly delayed.

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