Suzanne Martineau Muskoka Real Estate

Lawyers Servicing Huntsville

Mr. J. Ross Bagshaw

Barrister and Solicitor

133 Highway #60,  P.O. Box 5489  HUNTSVILLE, Ontario  P1H 2K8

Tel: (705) 789-9659  Fax: 705-789-8547

Email: rbagshaw@vianet.ca

Contact:  Jennifer

Ms. Carrie Campbell

Barrister & Solicitor

23 Dairy Lane, Suite 6  HUNTSVILLE, Ontario  P1H 1T4

Tel: (705) 789-0211  Fax: 705-789-7762

Email:  wendy@cacampbell.com

Contact: Wendy

Mr. John J. Dooley

Miller Law Group

322 Muskoka Road #3 North HUNTSVILLE, Ontario P1H 1C4

Burks Falls Office:

17 Copeland Street (705) 382-5551  P.O. Box 130  BURKS FALLS, OntarioP0A 1CO

Tel: (705) 789-0400 Fax: 705-788-3751

Email:  Diana@millerlawgroup.ca

Contact:  Diana Charland

Mr. David A. Ryan

Barrister and Solicitor

395 Centre St, N, Suite 301  HUNTSVILLE, Ontario  P1H 2P5

Tel: (705) 788-7077  Fax: 705-789-6309

Email:  frontdesk@ryanandlewis.com

Mr. J. Chris Ireland

Barrister and Solicitor

2 - 4 Elm Street  HUNTSVILLE , Ontario  P1H 1L1

Tel: (705) 789-4495 Fax: 705-789-1395

Email:  jchrisireland@bellnet.ca

Contact:  Tanya:  tanholf@gmail.com

Barriston Law

Barrister and Solicitors : Gregory Chaolkan & Natalie Tinti

46 King William St. PO Box 5500 HUNTSVILLE, ON P1H 2K8

Tel: 705-789-4493 Fax: 705-789-5530

Email:  jnicholls@barristonlaw.com

Contact:  Jennifer Nicholls

Bryan Leggett QC

106 Main St. Huntsville, ON P1H 1K6

Tel:  705-789-1286  Fax: 705-788-2782

Email: bryan@leggettlaw.ca or julie@leggettlaw.ca

Thoms & Currie Professional Corporation

6 Main St. West Suite 1 HUNTSVILLE, ON  P1H 1C2

Tel:  705-789-8844  Fax:  705-789-6547

Email: David Currie   david.currie@thomsandcurrie.com

Email:  Andy Tymoszewicz  andy@thomsandcurrie.com

Contact for Buyers:  kim.healey@thomsandcurrie.com

Contact for Sellers:  Katherine.lovegrove@thomsandcurrie.com

Lang & Black

106 Main St. East Unit 2  HUNTSVILLE, ON P1H 1K6

Tel:  705-788-7077  Fax:  705-789-0784

Email:  Chris Watson:  chris@langwatsonlaw.ca

Email:  Bill Lang:  bill@langwatsonlaw.ca

Glen Smith

3 Fairy Avenue Huntsville, ON P1H 2P5

Tel:  705-789-8829  Fax:  705-789-2984

Email:  glensmith@bellnet.ca

Michael A. Hardy Professional Law Corp.

365 Hwy 60 Huntsville, ON P1H 1B9

Tel:  705-788-1778  Fax:  705-788-7820

Email:  law@michaelhardylaw.com

Lawyers Servicing Parry Sound

Mr. David Ryan

97 James St. PARRY SOUND, Ontario P2A 1T7

Tel: (705) 746-9365

Mr. Terry Fraser

55 Church Street PARRY SOUND, Ontario P2A 1Y8

Tel: (705) 746-7847  Fax: 705-746-8401

Email:  tfraser@vianet.ca

David Holmes

2 William Street PARRY SOUND, Ontario P2A 1V1

Tel: (705) 746-4223 Fax: 705-746-6368

Email:  dholmesassistant@gmail.com

Contact:  Stephanie

Lisa Lund

34 Mary Street PARRY SOUND, Ontario P2A 1E4

Tel: (705) 746-4215 Fax:  705-746-5357

Email:  lisa.lund@lisalund.ca

Contact Pat Hunter:  pat.hunter@lisalund.ca

Contact Pam Reid:  pam.reid@lisalund.ca

Wylaw Professional Corporation

Daniel J. Wyjad

90 James Street  PARRY SOUND, Ontario

Tel: (705) 746-7760  Fax:  705-746-7551

Email:  parrysound@wylaw.ca

Lawyers Servicing North Muskoka

Michael A. Hardy Professional Law Corp.

Michael A. Hardy & Robert Neimi – Barristers & Solicitors

105 Main St. E.  Box 1060  SUNDRIDGE, Ontario  P0A 1Z0

Tel: (705) 384-5770  Fax:  705-384-5771

Email:  sunlaw@vianet.ca

Contact:  Linda or Skye

Lawyers Servicing Bracebridge

Mr. Brian G. Jacques

Barrister and Solicitor

P.O. Box 1227 14 Ontario Street BRACEBRIDGE, Ontario P1L 1V4

Tel: (705) 645-8743  Fax:  705-645-8895

Email:  brianjacqueslaw@bellnet.ca

Email:  avanwilligen@bellnet.ca

Contact:  Andrea

Mr. Brian E. Slocum

Barrister and Solicitor

63 Quebec Street BRACEBRIDGE, Ontario P1L 2A4

Tel:  (705) 645-2900  Fax: 705-2549

Email:  slocum@slocumlaw.com

Lee, Roche & Kerr

Nick Roche & Robert Kerr

Barristers and Solicitors

6 Dominion Street P.O. Box 990 BRACEBRIDGE, Ontario P1L 1R6

Tel: 705) 645-2286  Fax: 705-645-5541

Email: ddryland@lrklaw.ca

Contact:  Donna Dryland

Mr. Allan Huycke & Cameron Hoos

Barrister and Solicitors

20 Ida Street BRACEBRIDGE, Ontario P1L 2B7

Tel: (705) 645-7213  Fax: 705-645-9421

Email: (Angie for Allan)  angie@ahuycke@cogeco.ca

Email: (Sharon for Cameron)  Sharon@ahuycke@cogeco.ca

Ms. Michael Ann MacDonald

25 Ontario Street PO Box 509 BRACEBRIDGE, ON P1L 2A7

Tel: (705)-646-7750  Fax: 705-640-7750

Cell (After Bus.Hours):  705-640-3298

Email: macdonaldlaw@bellnet.ca

Contact:  Debbie Hall

Ms. Samantha Pratt

McGowan & Pratt

General Practice Attorney

122 Kimberley Ave

Bracebridge, ON